April 2019 – M3 Shades of Death cave – funding appeal update

There have been some changes to the bank account details for donations to the M3 Shades of Death cave fund, so the relevant Donation Form has been updated.

Please see the updated 2-page Information Sheet, and the revised Funding Appeal Donation Form on the M-3 Cave page in the Rimstone Co-operative website.

Robert Brain
(Rimstone website Web Master)


8 Aug 2018 – Latest Newsletter #27 now available

The latest newsletter – #27, August 2018 – is now available, including news and photos, and links to more photos. Highlights:

  • Scrubby Creek Tufa Terraces* working bee in 2 weeks time (25-26 August) needing volunteers to assist!!!
  • Official Notice for the Rimstone Co-operative Limited AGM (including agenda and update on M-3* Shades of Death Cave) – Friday 14 September.
  • The May 2018 Homeleigh* working bee – a report and photos.
  • Photos re: Scrubby Creek Tufa Terraces, and the May Homeleigh working bee (and links to more photos).
  • NEXT Homeleigh Working Bee – November 2018 (date TBA).
  • A special welcome to new Rimstone Co-op members in recent months.

Read all about it, and see the great photos, in Rimstone News #27.

Rob Brain
(Newsletter editor, assisting the Rimstone Co-operative directors).

Scrubby Tufa Terrace Fencing working bee – 25-26 August 2018

Help Paul Brooker and Nicholas White complete the Tufa Terrace fencing on our own Scrubby Creek property.

Please book accommodation at Homeleigh through the email address:
Accomm @ Rimstone.org.au
(you will need to type the address into your email message – we do this to avoid robot spammers picking up the email address).

March 2018 – Latest Newsletter #26 now available

The latest newsletter – #26, March 2018 – is now available. It is a bumper 7-page newsletter, including lots of photos, with larger versions of the photos available in Facebook photo albums (see the links in the newsletter). Highlights:

  • Welcome – to 11 new members in recent months.
  • NEXT Homeleigh Working Bee: 19-20 May, 2018.
  • NEWS: M3 Shades of Death Cave property update, including great photos; and an article on the cave ownership history.
  • Old Timers’ weekend update – Details and photos of the work done, including: rubbish clearing, tip run, cave cleaning/washing, hand rail wire-brushing (with power tools), painting, old fridge disposal, SRT training route planning, power generator maintenance and more.
  • Bowies Cave -Some information about another cave on our M49 Scrubby Creek property.
  • Update on the last Homeleigh working bee (Sept 2017).
  • FMClarity software now being used to assist with tracking and managing property maintenance.

Read all about it, and see the great photos, in Rimstone News #26.

Rob Brain
(assisting the Rimstone Co-operative directors).

18 August 2017 – Notice of 2017 AGM and the latest newsletter

Notice has been posted of the upcoming 2017 Rimstone Cooperative Ltd AGM in the latest Newsletter #25. See the newsletter here.

Also in this newsletter:

  • Latest update on the Shades of Death (M-3) Cave property purchase and the appeal for members and friends to assist with raising funds.
  • Upcoming Homeleigh working bee, 30 Sept – 1 October (plus some days either side of this).
  • Managing Homeleigh – With some current niggling issues, the Rimstone directors are seeking input from members (do we need internet access? improved building security; how to overcome the problem of the hot water being left on after a trip).

Happy reading

Rob Brain
assisting the directors,
Rimstone News – newsletter editor

SPECIAL NEWS – Another cave property purchase – M-3 Shades of Death

Just one snap from Shades of Death (M-3 Cave, Buchan)

Just one snap from Shades of Death (ack: Daryl Carr)


April 2017.  The Rimstone Cooperative directors are announcing the pending purchase of another property* in the Buchan caves region (East Gippsland, Victoria) – the infamous M-3 Cave, known for years as “Shades of Death”.

Appeals for assistance with funding of the purchase are now open. See more details on the new M-3 Cave page.

To download the M-3 Shades-of-Death Cave Purchase Appeal Form with more details and make a speedy donation, download the special Appeal Form.


* This adds to the earlier purchase of the Scrubby Creek property.