10 Sept 2019 – Latest Newsletter #29 now available

The latest newsletter – #29, September 2019 – is now available, including news and photos, and links to more photos. Highlights:

  • The upcoming special Shades of Death cave (M-3) Community Open Day, official launch and BBQ – Saturday 2nd November.
  • Rimstone Co-operative AGM – Friday 20 September.
  • Scrubby Creek property update (tufa fencing and water trough).
  • Shades of Death Cave (M-3) – latest maintenance activities.
  • New M-3 Photo Gallery web page.
  • Links to more photos on Facebook.
  • A special welcome to new Rimstone Co-op members in recent months.

Read all about it, and see the photos, in Rimstone News #29.

Rob Brain
(Newsletter editor, assisting the Rimstone Co-operative directors).

Rimstone Co-op Limited – Notice of 2019 AGM, Friday 20 Sept

The formal notice of the 2019 AGM of the Rimstone Cooperative Limited was emailed to all Rimstone Co-op members on 6th August 2019. Following are some of the details:

Where and when: Friday 20 September, 8pm, at the home of director Darryl Pierce.

Please bring a small plate to contribute to snacks/supper. Tea and coffee will be provided.
RSVP: By email to
the Rimstone directors.


The agenda items for this year’s AGM will include the following:

  1. Minutes of AGM 2018 (the draft minutes are available from the web site).
  2. Treasurer’s Report.
  3. Maintenance reports: Homeleigh, Scrubby Creek Property, M-3 Shades of Death Cave and Property.
  4. Booking Officer’s Report.
  5. Appointment of Auditor.
  6. Election of Directors. *
  7. Supper.

Any additional items can be raised in advance by email to the directors. Formal motions should be provided at least 14 days prior to the meeting.

* Election of Directors. There are 5 Directors, three of whose terms expire at the end of this meeting. These are Darryl Pierce, Nicholas White and Mark Tregellas. Each of these have offered to stand for re-election.
* A Nomination Form is attached.
* Nominations should be provided to the Directors 21 days before the meeting.

Nicholas White, Director and Secretary